The idea behind our Service Exchange is simple – we want to keep your equipment moving. For planned maintenance, this means exchange units will be ready onsite for change out, preventing any costly delays and guaranteeing maximum productivity for your equipment. For emergency breakdowns, it means getting the exchange units to site as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours.

Nosecone Modules

Coxons Group Australia specialise in fast, quality exchange and overhaul of nosecone modules. We use genuine parts to rebuild modules to, or above, OEM standards.

Coxons own several complete nosecone modules for Caterpillar heavy haulage trucks and dozers, which can be tailored to suit specific client requirements.

The nosecone modules can be changed out easily – in less than one shift – to replace a failed unit or one that is due for change-out. Coxons Group then transport the module back to our workshop and overhaul it, while you continue using your equipment, free of downtime. When the time comes for the next overhaul, the nosecone is swapped back in, and the cycle continues.

Parts Exchange

Our current service exchange range consists of:

  • Caterpillar Truck Radiators
  • Caterpillar Truck Aftercoolers
  • Caterpillar Dozer & Grader Radiators & Aftercoolers
  • Komatsu Radiators
  • Hitachi Excavator Radiators

As an authorised Mesabi Service Centre, we stock Mesabi service exchange units as well as OEM units.

We also have exchange components such as fans, yokes, motors, estats and manifolds in stock.  These are primarily used to reduce turnaround times on module overhauls but can also be used if required by clients.

Our range is constantly expanding, and can be tailored to suit your individual fleet maintenance and overhaul requirements. The parts exchange is a quick and simple process, available to fleets across the entire East Coast of Australia.

The convenient locations of our three branches in Rockhampton, Townsville and Newcastle shortens transport times to site, saving on freight costs while servicing multiple sites across states.



Becoming a Trusted Partner

We aim to hold a nosecone module or exchange radiator in stock for each client that we partner with for regular fleet overhaul programs. This provides continuity, guarantees availability and gives you assurance of uptime. Our nosecone module program helps you to make maintenance decisions with a long-term outlook, plus consideration of whole-of-life asset costs.

When you choose Coxons Group Australia, we work proactively to solve problems across the whole business – continually developing our service to become a trusted partner.