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New service exchange radiators now available

18 April 2016

Coxons Radiator Service is excited to announce the arrival or several new service exchange units. Our ever expanding range includes radiators, aftercoolers and oil coolers for Caterpillar, Komatsu & Hitachi equipment. All units are rebuilt as per our quality assured rebuild procedures for which we provide a minimum 12 month warranty against seal leakage (32 month warranty on Mesabi rebuilds).

We provide our clients with the opportunity to use service exchange replacements in order to ensure minimal downtime, whether it is planned maintenance or an emergency breakdown.


New additions to our service exchange range include:

  • D11T Radiator
  • D10T Radiator
  • 24H Grader
  • 793D Radiator
  • 797F Charge Air Cooler Set
  • EX5500/EX2500 Radiator

Upcoming additions to our service exchange range also include:

  • 793F Radiator
  • 797F Radiator
  • 830E Radiator

Please call our office to enquire.