Radiators and heats exchangers are only a small part of your mining equipment, yet a component vital to your productivity and maintenance costs. Coxons Group Australia focus on saving time, increasing productivity and lowering the cost of your equipment maintenance with our comprehensive cooling system overhaul, maintenance and repair service for the mining industry. We aim to build strong relationships with our clients and will tailor our service packages directly to your needs.

We have been working with industry and suppliers for years to make the overhaul process more efficient. This has led to the development of our Service Exchange system – a market leader in cost and time-effective solutions, fully customised to your needs.

The Coxons Service Exchange will get your trucks and HME equipment operating with minimal downtime for planned maintenance and emergency breakdowns. Truck availability ultimately affects production, and we can help keep your trucks operating. Even in the case of a breakdown, we can have exchange units to you within 12 hours. Our conveniently located facilities are within a short distance of all major mining centres on Australia’s East Coast.

Whether you need to get more out of your equipment, save on maintenance costs or find a reliable partner for planned maintenance and emergency breakdowns, Coxons Group Australia is your answer.