Coxons Group Australia is a supplier of mining, transport and industrial cooling components and heat transfer solutions. We are industry leaders with over 20 years’ experience, committed to providing high quality, cost-effective and reliable service and support for our clients. Our three locations in Rockhampton, Townsville and Newcastle are located close to major transport routes and mining basins.

Company History

Coxon’s Radiators was first established in 1990, before the Heazlewood family purchased the business in 1997. Following a sustained period of growth through the mining industry’s downturn and rebound, Coxon’s moved to a new, larger workshop premises in 2015.

Coxons Group Australia was formed in 2018 after 28 years of successful operation as a family-owned business. The change marks our expansion into Newcastle and Townsville.

Our strong sustainable business strategy makes us the ideal supplier for your organisation. Unlike our competitors, we offer a broad range of services and are therefore, not solely reliant on the mining industry. Our diversity gives us a competitive edge as we have uniquely positioned ourselves strongly for multiple industries. Whilst the overhaul of radiators and coolers for the mining industry is our primary focus, we also offer mechanical, air conditioning and cooling system servicing for on highway trucks and automotive vehicles. Due to the constant workflow sustained from the automotive section of our business we can sustainably offer great pricing for radiator overhauls and service exchanges units.


What Makes Us Different?

Coxons Group Australia are proud to build strong relationships with our customers. We see ourselves as part of our clients’ maintenance team, and work as an integrated maintenance partner to keep equipment operating with maximum uptime.

Our service is tailored directly to your fleet or requirements. The Coxons service exchange system consists of several complete nosecone modules and an expansive range of radiators and components.  We also keep a full library of parts in stock to eliminate part-associated delays in breakdown situations.  In emergency breakdown situations, we can have exchange units on site within 12 hours and can overhaul complete nosecone modules within 3-4 days.

This exchange service is mainly focused on the Coal Mining industry, although we also cater to heavy haulage, rail, mineral mining, agricultural, industrial and automotive industries.